We make our Square and Golden Art Panels using our own unique process. A single piece of 6mm FSC® certified MDF board is routered and folded up and glued. We insert an FSC certified finger jointed Spruce sub-frame.
This process has two main advantages.
There are no actual joins on the facing edges of the panel.
The box structure of the MDF has incredible strength.
The sub-frame, while adding extra rigidity adds very little weight.
The panel is available in three finishes on the front and sides. We prime all panels to prevent moisture on the back.
Raw Panels- We sand the board but otherwise leave it unfinished. This allows the user to apply a primer of their choice.
Standard primed panels – We coat these with a smooth impermeable undercoat.
Traditional Gesso Panels – We finish these with a traditional rabbit skin glue based Gesso recipe. A flawless finish unlike any other painting surface.
Every size of Square and Golden Art Panel has a choice of at least two frames
A simple tray frame
Amore elaborate tray frame
Frames are all available in either Raw finish or Traditional Gesso finish.
We sand the Raw frames but otherwise leave them unfinished. allowing the user to apply a finish of their choice.
Gessoed frames are ready to have Bole and Gold Leaf applied and can be finished in countless other ways.