Not for the average painting

perfect ART PANELS 


You don’t start work on a painting intending for it to be average.

So why start work with an average product?

Square and Golden - logo
Square and Golden’s art panels are of the highest quality and
manufactured to the strict guidelines of the Forestry Stewardship Council®.
All the material used is responsibly sourced – which means
for every tree cut down another is planted

The raw panel

Made using our unique manufactured process from one single piece of FSC® MDF. This panel, with perfect edges, is ideal for oil or acrylics

The gessoed panel

Our unique process, but with the addition of a flawless surface of gesso. Sprayed on to leave the fine and perfect finish that a quality painting requires

The framed panel

We design all our panels to fit in to our clever fit’n’fix frames. Available in raw or gessoed timber in several profiles.


We’re not at all secretive about how we make this product. We have worked with several artists and we are close to perfecting our technique and over several stages of development we have realised a premium product … and we are proud of it
Square and Golden - art panels routed and ready for folding
Square and Golden - art panels folded and ready for gluing
Square and Golden - substrate frames for art panels to increase rigidity
Square and Golden - substrate frames applied to the back of a gessoed panel
Square and Golden - substrate frames applied to the back of a gessoed panel with stamp
Square and Golden - a gessoed frame fitted to a gessoed panel

Sure, YOU could get something cheaper

But nothing will match the quality for the price. Plus you can feel good due to the moral responsibility that this product has demanded. With the flawless finish and immaculate edges, we challenge you to find anything as impressive.


We produce a range of beautiful frames, designed specifically for the panel. We supply these frames as raw timber or gessoed to suit your own needs. We are also delighted to apply any of our own hand-finishes to your frame.

Your artwork deserves that perfect gallery statement


If you are interested in taking one of our panels for a test drive then please get in touch. We are happy to consider test reviewers for this product

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