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Unbleached Titanium Dioxide (No. 117)



Inorganic – Manufactured as a different chemical process than the standard rutile titanium dioxide, which gives it a subtle linen or lime wash pinky-brown shade. As well as making it a good drier, such a presence makes this paint an ideal ground or underpainting colour, with good texture and a lean surface. The real power in this colour comes from its mixing abilities into any colour thus providing a “suede” effect that lends nicely to pastel colours and rich textures.

Many years ago I was asked by a well known English artist to make him special batches of this colour, when other artist saw it it became part of the regular range and has proved hugely popular with all artists.

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Colour IndexPW6.1
Oil ContentLow
Tint PowerHigh
ASTM D-4236 yes



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