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Phthalocyanine Blue Lake (No. 209)



Organic – Chlorinated Copper invented in 1935, is one of the first synthetic organic pigments to be accepted as reliably permanent. It is sometimes seen as a modern replacement for Prussian Blue, but its unmixed colour is slightly more cyan, and in hues, it exhibits a unique range of throbbing, intense, greenish blues which are quite distinct from the latter. Having one of the most powerful Tint Powers in my range, this paint will blow any mix apart; if you wish to avoid doing so, add it in tiny quantities and with caution! Its metallic content makes it a great drier, and like Prussian Blue, it shows a tendency to bronze upon curing. Again use with caution if you are a beginner.

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Colour IndexPB15.3
Oil ContentHigh
Tint PowerVery High
ASTM D-4236 yes


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