Michael Harding Oil Paints

Cremnitz White No. 2 (No. 307)



Inorganic – The combination of pigment and walnut oil produces some wonderful qualities, possibly due to its lesser ability as a wetting agent, which results in less pigment within the actual mixed paint and therefore increases transparency and subtler intermixes with colours. There is inaccurate material publicized by some colourmen that walnut oil goes rancid and therefore is not to be relied upon as a drying oil which is completely untrue! It was used alongside linseed oil for centuries and found favour with just about all artists who worked with it. Most artists, dare I say, who try it love it!

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Colour IndexPW1
Drying SpeedAverage
Oil ContentVery Low
Oil TypeWalnut Oil
Tint PowerAverage
ASTM D-4236yes
Prop 65yes


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