Michael Harding Oil Paints

Cremnitz White No. 1 (No. 308)



Inorganic – This paint is made with pure industrial lead carbonate in linseed oil which makes a heavy, tactile white with a very robust surface. So-called because it was originally made in the Bohemian town of Kormeriz, called Cremnitz under the Hapsburgs. The ideal white for furrowed, granular or impasto mark making. When used unmixed it tends to cure with a slight expression of oil to the surface, giving it a warmer, parchment-like effect. Cremnitz White No. 1 is a wonderful all-around mixer for middle-value hues that supports colours without annulling them.

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Colour IndexPW1
Drying SpeedAverage
Oil ContentVery Low
Oil TypeLinseed Oil
Tint PowerAverage
ASTM D-4236yes
Prop 65yes


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