our studio panels

Pictureframes.co.uk who manufacture many of the Square & Golden Products, first developed the technique above for making box frames. It was possible using the technique to make a very strong but light box structure to fit in the back of a frame for object framing. The process is still in regular use for this purpose.

A great customer and friend of Pictureframes, Maaike Pope Zurcher saw one of these boxes in the workshop one day and commented that it would make a great surface to paint on. The rest is history -Thank you Maaike!!

How our studio panels are made

S&G Studio Panels are made from 6mm MEDITE PREMIER. MEDITE SMARTPLY, based in Clonmel in Ireland, was the only FSC® certified manufacturer of MDF in the world when we started making the panels. 

STEP 1  

The panel blanks are cut to size using a computerized beam saw for total accuracy. We then V-groove them to within 0.6mm of going through – this depth has to be exact in order for the process to work. Note that this V-groove will end up on the back of the panel so, unlike any competing product there will be no join on the surface or sides of the finished product.


After the panels have been V-grooved, we cut the corners out which allows us to fold the MDF into a five sided box.


We now make the sub-frames out of FSC® certified finger-jointed pine to fit perfectly inside the back of the panel. The panel would still be very strong without this but this sub-frame facilitates hanging or fitting into a floating frame.


Now we apply glue into the V-grooves and fold the panel up around the subframe where it is clamped until the glue sets.


Finally, we spray a white primer onto the back of the panel to prevent moisture ingress from the rear. After a light sand and labelling, this is the raw panel complete or ready to start the gesso process for a gessoed panel. 

And here is one of Maaike’s works on a Traditional Gesso Studio Panel